We work to ensure your security and for this reason:

  • From the 14th of September, to access online banking it will be essential to have your mobile phone number updated in your branch office.

Security Recommendations

  • Keep your security codes confidential and change them regularly
  • In case of receiving an SMS to confirm a transaction that you have not ordered, please contact Colonya as soon as possible
  • We recommend avoiding storing passwords to access our online banking service on your computer, as this can expose them to unauthorized use
  • Your signature codes are personal and should not be handed to third parties
  • Remember to log out of the online banking service once you have completed your transactions in

We will never ask you to provide personal and confidential security codes by telephone, email or fax, nor will we ask you to send test transactions for Colonya Caixa Pollença

In case of doubt, call our Customer Service Department at +34 912 75 32 63.

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